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A Beginners' Guide To Protein Shakes

A Beginners' Guide To Protein Shakes

A Beginners' Guide To Protein Shakes

Have you ever wondered about trying protein shakes but weren't sure if they were for you? Protein shakes are a handy way of getting that essential nutrient, especially if you are having a busy day, exercising or perhaps just feeling under the weather. So why not read our beginners' guide to find out more about protein shakes and what they can do for you?

What Are Protein Shakes?

Protein shakes are a way of getting that essential nutrient if you are having a busy day, not feeling too well, or working out at the gym and need to supplement with extra protein. Some protein shakes are considered "complete" and come in a ready-to-use formula that you just open and drink, while others are in a powder base with a scoop to measure the amount you need, such as these Plant Based Protein Shakes. You then just add water or milk, depending on the instructions. Protein shakes are typically a blend of essential minerals, vitamins and protein, typically containing between 15 and 25 grams of protein, so you can be sure you are getting everything you would normally obtain in a meal as a drink.

Plant Based Protein Shakes

Types of Protein Shakes

There are so many protein shakes and formulas on the market, but how do you choose which is the best one for you? First, you need to think about your personal protein requirements. If you are a man, for example, your daily requirements will be more than the average sized woman. Also, if you are working out at the gym, you may require extra protein to supplement and repair those well-worked muscles, so remember to ask your trainer for advice.

Savory or Sweet?

Protein shakes are available in a variety of flavors, so it all depends on what your favorite flavor is. If you like savory blends, go for protein shakes that feature vegetables or have added flavoring such as chicken. If you enjoy sweeter blends, opt for protein shakes that feature chocolate, vanilla or soft fruits. Some blends are neutral, which mean that you can customize your shake by adding your own fresh fruit or vegetable juices at home if you prefer to make your own blends.

Savory or Sweet?


Protein shakes are a great standby if you are recovering from or are going through an illness, such as a bad cold or flu, and don’t feel like eating. Just by having some protein shakes on hand in the kitchen cabinet, you can meet your daily protein requirements on those days you don’t feel so well.

Age requirements

If you are part of an older generation, your protein needs still need to be met even though you may have lost some of your appetite, which is sometimes part of the aging process. By supplementing with a protein shake, you can meet your daily protein requirements, and it won’t make you feel too full. Many health professionals recommend protein shakes for their elderly patients as they are an ideal way of making sure that an elderly person gets their daily protein and mineral requirements.

Weight Control

Some people use protein shakes as a way of controlling their weight. You can take up to two protein shakes a day and then have a balanced evening meal as a way of losing or controlling your weight, particularly if you have a busy lifestyle and don’t want to resort to fast food during the day. Because these blends contain all of your protein, mineral and vitamin requirements for a meal and are calorie-controlled, they are an ideal way of making sure that you can keep within a certain amount of calories for the day while having correct nutrition. 


Some people like to add more protein to their shakes. You can do this by including some skim milk powder or yogurt, which will increase the overall protein content. Others like to add additional fiber to their protein shakes, such as chia seeds or oat bran. One interesting additive, especially if you are on a low-calorie diet, is ice cubes. Just blend up your preferred protein shake and add some ice cubes to the final blend in an electric mixer to make that protein shake taste even better.


Protein shakes are a great way to meet your protein needs every day. If you have a busy lifestyle, are watching your weight, exercising, or just feeling under the weather, try a protein shake to help meet your daily nutritional needs.