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Can Detoxing Help with My Fertility?

Can Detoxing Help with My Fertility?

Can Detoxing Help with My Fertility?

If you are planning a family, you may have heard about detoxing to help with your fertility. If your doctor or health practitioner has given you the all-clear to go ahead, you may be wondering how to go about it and if it would be worthwhile.


Detoxing is something our bodies do naturally all by themselves, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t give your body a helping hand now and again. If you give your body the best tools it needs to help detox, you are more than halfway there.

A detox can help your body in so many ways. It can help by giving your liver a chance to cleanse itself of the toxins that we absorb every day, including chemicals that are in our water, traffic fumes we breathe, the alcohol in wine and spirits, synthetic hormones present in birth control medication, and chemicals present in our daily cleaning routines. Eliminating such toxins will always be good for our general health anyway, but even more so when we are thinking about conceiving.

Before Conception

Planning a Family

The best time to think about going on a detox is before you start trying to conceive, if possible. Discuss it with your healthcare provider first. They will likely agree with the idea of quitting alcohol and smoking, which will improve your health and that of your baby. And this isn’t just restricted to mothers; fathers can join in, too, and take some time to ensure that they are in optimal health before conception by detoxing from common foods that our bodies find hard to process. What better way than to bond together with your partner through a pre-conception detox program that could change that fast food diet for one that focuses on better nutrition and health for both of you?

Foods That Heal

The foods that will help with a detox to support your fertility can be found in all the main food groups, such as free-range chicken, beef and lamb, oily fish, pulses, organic eggs and healthy fats such as olive oil and unsalted butter. When you go to the market, fill your basket with fresh vegetables in a range of beautiful colors, such as lettuce, avocados, deep red tomatoes and peppers, beets and carrots. Buy citrus fruits, bananas and berries like blueberries, strawberries and raspberries. If your budget allows, try to buy organic wherever possible as you are trying to eliminate chemicals on your food. If you have a lower budget, just make sure to give all your fresh fruit and vegetables a good cleansing wash before you prepare them.

Foods That Heal

Frozen fruit and vegetables are useful, too, as many are frozen at the point of harvest and retain their natural goodness. This is an economical way of ensuring you have a good supply of fruit and vegetables every day, even out of season. And it doesn’t mean that you have to avoid restaurant foods, either. Just be sure to order plenty of fresh green salads, avocado and healthy dressing such as lemon juice and olive oil to go with your main course and give those salty, deep fried foods and sugary desserts a miss. Snack on unsalted nuts and seeds, and if you can, invest in a water filter jug to filter out any water treatment chemicals or buy bottled spring water instead.

Tummy Talk

Before you embark on the journey of pregnancy and while doing a detox, you will want to make sure everything is working well and that you have a well-functioning digestive tract. Constipation can be one of pregnancy’s less attractive side effects. Getting your tummy in top shape will mean that you develop healthy eating habits that carry you through your pregnancy. Try to include whole wheat foods, and remember to eat the skin on your baked potato or apple; the gentle fibre will help with elimination and cleansing. You can also incorporate psyllium husk in a drink, stir chia seeds into your breakfast oatmeal, or take a fiber supplement such as Fiber Love. Eating for your tummy will also ensure you have good microflora, which will take care of any constipation issues or heartburn in your pregnancy.

Fiber Love

Planning for a pregnancy is such a joyful time. Ensuring you are in top shape before you begin that wonderful journey by undergoing a cleansing detox and enjoying healthy wholesome nutrition will give your body all the tools it needs to support your future pregnancy and parenthood.