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Does Everyone Really Need Health Supplements?

Does Everyone Really Need Health Supplements?

Does Everyone Really Need Health Supplements?

If you have ever found yourself reaching for some Omega 3 or studying the back of a box of vitamins in the supermarket, you may have asked yourself if you really need these health supplements. After all, what did people do long ago when supplements like these weren’t around? To answer that question, we’ve put together some information you might find interesting.

Increased Knowledge

As knowledge surrounding the field of science and nutrition increases, and with more studies into the physiology of how our bodies work, there is more awareness of the benefits of supplements, a lack of which could lead to poor health. There was a time when we could rely on our food to be our source of vitamins and minerals. This is still the case today, but due to the increasing demand on food supplies over many decades, farming methods have changed. In some cases, this has led to crops and fresh produce being less nutritious than they were in our grandparents' day.

Recommended Fruit and Vegetables

Recommended Fruit and Vegetables

You may think you are consuming the government's daily recommendations of fruit and vegetables, but is that apple you just ate supplying you with the optimum amount of vitamins and minerals? Although the nutrition in the apple is still there, it is probably not in the beneficial amounts it would be if it had been grown in high-quality soil. This is why many nutritionists encourage us to buy organic food where possible to have a reliable supply of nutritious food that has not been adulterated by pesticides or herbicides and has been grown in the optimum conditions for the time of year. Another option is to take a supplement such as Super Greens.

Super Greens


It is widely known that stress has a large impact on our health and body, creating huge demands on our physical and mental health and draining us of essential nutrients that should be present in our body through our diet to help us fight and recover from stressful situations. If you are working or living in a stressful situation, as many of us are in this modern world, your body may not have the nutritional reserves that it needs to keep you from succumbing to that stress. It is highly likely that you will benefit from adding some essential nutrients or supplements to your diet to help your body recover.

Natural Therapy

As we have explained, vitamins, minerals and oils should be present in abundant amounts in our food as they are an essential part of our diet, but if we are deficient in any one of these, our health can suffer. Our body can reveal a lack of essential nutrients in many ways. Dry skin can be demonstrated by a lack of vitamins and oils in our diet, for example, while thinning hair that easily breaks could point to a lack of essential minerals. It could be that you do have an adequate supply of vitamins and minerals in your daily diet but just have a poor rate of absorption due to a malfunctioning digestive system. As we age, our bodies, especially our digestion systems, are not as vibrant as they were in our younger days. Our appetites can also decrease with age, so older people might sometimes choose additional health supplements, such as Omega Love, to ensure they are getting the required amount of protein, vitamins and minerals that they need to maintain their health and protect against illnesses. 

Omega Love

Alternative Solutions

With the increased knowledge surrounding the science of health and nutrition, there has been a gradual acceptance of the use of more natural therapies for common illnesses and complaints, especially as an early form of intervention. Improving diet and nutrition is a less invasive route than prescribed medications, which could have uncomfortable side effects. In fact, many health practitioners often suggest such measures as an initial course of action for minor illnesses before beginning more detailed therapies. They direct their patients to other health professionals, such as dietitians and nutritionists, especially for complaints of poor digestion, recurring skin complaints or weight problems.

If we could rely on our daily diet to supply all of our nutritional needs, it is highly likely that we wouldn’t need to take health supplements. But due to the demands of modern life and the poor quality of many food items, it is fortunate that we now have the means to ensure that these essential nutrients remain at optimum levels for our own individual needs through additional supplements.