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Heart Disease: Women's #1 Killer

Heart Disease: Women's #1 Killer

Did you know that heart disease is the #1 killer in women?

If you didn't know that, then you are not alone.

Only 45% of women are aware of this shocking statistic.

55% of women think that there is another cause of death such as cancer, stroke or Alzheimers.

I am here in NYC at the #integrativehealthcaresymposium where I presented on Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) in women.

I am appealing to everyone here to work together to reach women and raise awareness of how women are differentially affected by CVD.

Watch the video to see how the classic signs of a heart attack (crushing chest pain, pain radiating down the left arm) compare with what many women actually experience when they have a heart attack.

Included in this list of what women feel when having a heart attack is a SENSE OF FOREBODING.

Watch to see how seriously this sign should be taken by medical doctors.

We need to trust women when it comes to their bodies.

We have made great strides recently with raising awareness of heart disease and the differences in men and women.

The @american_heart association and their campaign #GoRedforWomen has done a great job in doing this.

But we have much further to go.

Please watch this video, share it with doctors, other health practitioners, your female friends, and family members.