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How A 5-Day Sugar Detox Can Improve Your Health

How A 5-Day Sugar Detox Can Improve Your Health

How A 5-Day Sugar Detox Can Improve Your Health

Whether the thought of a sugar detox fills you with dread or you are happy and ready to take on the challenge, the effort is likely to make you feel better, and your health and body will benefit.

Some people find it very hard to turn down a sweet treat while others may only indulge in the odd piece of cake, cookie or pastry, but however much sugar you consume, the health facts are the same. Sugar contains no nutrients, no protein and no good fats. Biologically, when you eat sugar, these empty calories are digested and your body’s hormones respond by becoming imbalanced and make you feel like you want and need bigger portions. Before long, you can find yourself wanting to lose weight but finding it harder than ever to do so.

If you would like to feel and look healthier, cutting out sugar from your diet is a great place to start.

Weight Loss

The most noticeable benefit from committing to a sugar detox is weight loss. By replacing sugar with whole foods such as vegetables and fruit, which are nutritious, you should start to see the pounds drop off and feel energized in the process.

To help you with your sugar detox, having a protein shake, such as these Plant Based Protein Shakes, will not only help support your overall health, but it will also support your weight loss goals and aid your digestive system. They are creamy, delicious and full of flavor, and they have been developed by experts. The shakes are very rich in protein, easy to prepare and a great way to give your body a boost.

Plant Based Protein Shakes

Hormones and Skin

Another change you may quickly notice is that your hormones will settle, which means fewer cravings for sweet treats, reduced mood swings, and an improved ability for your body and mind to manage daily stresses.

While a healthy and nutritious diet will make you feel good, a high-sugar diet can actually do the opposite and increase feelings of depression and demotivation.

If you suffer from skin problems on your face and a dull or red complexion, this could be down to an imbalance of hormones. One way to address this is to stop eating foods that are high in sugar. By cutting or reducing sugar from your diet, you will notice an improvement in your skin’s appearance and notice it looks healthier, glows and has a more even tone.

Specially prepared shakes, protein supplements and bars can help you with your detox and give your hormone levels a chance to reset. This Hormone Protein Shake & Dark Chocolate Bar Bundle is a good start. They also taste delicious and will help fight off any cravings.

Protein Shake & Dark Chocolate Bar Bundle

If you suffer from acne, reducing your sugar intake could have a huge impact as sugary foods have been known to cause oil secretion and inflammation.

If you are worried about aging and want to keep a youthful appearance, cutting out sugar can help. Research has shown that when sugar and protein react in the body, it can cause the skin to prematurely age.


Having a "sugar fix" when you feel tired or lethargic works for a very short time and doesn’t solve the problem as it can leave you feeling more tired than before once the effects have worn off. By cutting out sugar from your daily diet, you will have more energy and will be able to do more. When you are exercising, you will work harder and subsequently burn more calories, making your workout more efficient.



Suffering from bloating, heartburn, digestion and gas shouldn’t be accepted as part of life. If you are eating the right foods, you shouldn’t be experiencing any of these symptoms. Cutting out sugar and eating more healthy and nutritious foods will impact your digestive system and make it function like clockwork.


Obesity rates are rising, and one of the main reasons is our love of fruit juice and soda, which are full of sugar. Don’t be fooled into thinking a drink has very few calories as some can have more than a nutritional meal. Always check the labels before purchasing a juice and try sticking to water only, even after you have completed a detox.


Diets that have a high sugar content have been linked to diseases such as heart disease, which is the number one cause of death in the world. High-sugar diets can also lead to higher blood pressure. By looking carefully at your diet, you are also protecting your health.