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How Often Should I Go Through A Detox Program

How Often Should I Go Through A Detox Program

How Often Should I Go Through A Detox Program

Detoxing is a great way to cleanse the body, rid it of toxins and improve your overall health and wellbeing in the process. How often you detox will depend on why you are detoxing, what kind of overall health you are in, and what your goals are. One common indicator that our body needs a break and could use a detox is our instincts telling us we are out of balance. This can show itself in lethargy and feeling bloated and congested.

A typical detox will include cutting out many specific foods from your diet, as well as alcohol. It is well documented that alcohol can damage the liver. As the organ in the body that is responsible for filtering waste and other toxins naturally from the body, this is a key part of any detoxing plan.

Detoxing involves drinking lots of water, not only to quench thirst, but also to regulate body temperature, help with digestion and the absorption of nutrients, and keep you hydrated. Following a detox plan such as the Detox Mini Kit w/ Clean Slate + 7-Day Detox Program involves mixing all-in-one shakes that are tasty and substantial and have been developed by Dr. Sara after years of research to contain everything you need.

Detox Mini Kit w/ Clean Slate + 7-Day Detox Program

A simple detox could involve cutting out sugar, alcohol and caffeine, increasing your exercise, taking some vitamins and eating well for a few days, combined with getting plenty of rest. But if you wish to commit to a more comprehensive detox plan, the Ultimate Detox Kit w/Clean Slate contains everything you need to perform Dr. Sara’s 21-day detoxification program. Each kit includes containers for the shakes, all the ingredients you need, and a full set of instructions.

Ultimate Detox Kit w/Clean Slate

For anyone who is looking to detox regularly or over the space of a year, it is recommended that you split your detoxing up into a manageable timetable. For example, embark on an intense detox in spring, then try a short three-day boost in May followed by a week in mid-summer, and a short boost in late summer. Repeat this pattern in fall and winter. These don’t need to be full detoxes; they can just entail resetting your body and taking a few days out of your usual lifestyle. You could consider replacing a meal with a shake, such as the Detox Mini Kit, which offers nutritionally balanced shakes and meet all the required guidelines and are is for anyone looking for a hormone reset.

To embark on a full hormone reset diet, consider the Hormone Reset Detox Program, which contains everything you need to reset your estrogen hormone and work toward shifting stubborn weight gain, bloating and toxic stress.

Hormone Reset Detox Program

Make Permanent Changes

If you do not want to constantly detox but do want the benefits of a detox, think about cutting out certain foods from your diet permanently. This will help you feel great for longer and make your next full detox easier. Cut out caffeine, alcohol and refined sugars and work on increasing your intake of nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruit, in addition to monitoring your water intake each day.

Your body

A regular detox focuses on the inside of your body, but you also need to detox on the outside. Taking saunas, bathing with Epsom salts, and incorporating yoga and skin brushing into your life, can all keep you looking and feeling your best for longer.


By committing to a seasonal detox, you can plan ahead and take advantage of the seasons and the food that is available at certain times of year. Summer is a time for fruits, especially water-based fruits, and it's also an easier time of year to do outdoor exercise. Winter can be a time to focus on nourishing foods such as brown rice and root vegetables, as well as spices such as ginger. It is also a time to focus on rest and relaxation.


How often you detox is up to you, but the trick is to plan ahead. If you are going to be regularly detoxing, ensure you take breaks in between and incorporate full detox plans as well as shorter plans. Try to cut out certain foods from your diet completely, even when not detoxing, or at least minimize your intake. Ensure you combine detoxing with exercise and rest, and drink plenty of water. Take advantage of the seasons; eat fruit and exercise outdoors in the warmer months and get plenty of rest and nutritious whole foods in the winter.