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The Benefits of Plant-Based Protein Shakes

The Benefits of Plant-Based Protein Shakes

The Benefits of Plant-Based Protein Shakes

Plant based diets are very trendy right now. With an explosion of people switching the way they eat for health reasons and to reduce their carbon footprint, there has never been a better time to learn about how plant-based shakes can benefit you and the planet.

One huge misconception about plant-based food is that it doesn’t contain protein and that protein must therefore be introduced into the body via another source. Not only is this untrue, but plant-based foods can bring huge benefits to your health, mind and body.

The Benefits of Plant-Based Protein Shakes


Protein is an essential nutrient for the body. Whether you are a carnivore, vegetarian, vegan or follow any other type of diet, nutrients need to be incorporated. Your hair and nails are made up almost entirely of protein, and protein is needed to build up muscle in the body, repair cells, and produce hormones and enzymes, as well as a whole host of other biochemicals.

Unlike fat and carbohydrates, the body doesn’t store protein, so to ensure you have enough, you need to consume protein via food regularly and consistently.

How much protein each individual needs depends on their weight and their health goals, among other factors. For example, someone who is training for a specific sporting event hard and often will want to build muscle, and they will benefit more from their training if they increase their protein to do this. Similarly, anyone wanting to lose weight will require a higher intake of protein than normal and will also need to reduce their carbohydrates.

There are 20 amino acids that humans need to function, and the body is capable of creating 11 of them. The other nine amino acids are referred to as essential amino acids, and any food that has these nine is considered a "complete protein." Some complete protein foods include soy, buckwheat and quinoa. For anyone who is looking for an all-in-one non-dairy, plant-based shake, either as part of a diet program or as a regular meal alternative, there is a selection of shakes, such as these Plant Based Protein Shakes, that taste delicious and contain everything the body needs.

Plant Based Protein Shakes

Other foods that are rich in protein include almond butter, buckwheat, chia seeds, beans, pulses and seeds. Many of these foods are easy to incorporate into a plant-based shake and are full of flavor. They are also the perfect fix for a quick protein burst and are easy to incorporate into your daily routine.

Adding Protein

Plant-based shakes are delicious, easy to prepare and give the body the nutrients it needs while supporting overall health goals and weight goals. Many all-in-one shake supplements come in different flavors and offer a substantial alternative to a standard meal. They leave you satisfied and stop food cravings, making them perfect for anyone looking for a plant-based protein shake.


Women in particular are becoming much better informed about the effects hormones have on their body and are learning how what they eat and their lifestyle can impact their hormone balance. When the hormones in the body are unbalanced, this can result in mood swings, low energy levels and weight gain. Women all over the country are choosing to change what they eat in order to balance the hormones in their bodies better, and this can be successfully achieved with a plant-based diet that includes shakes.

Previously, a woman who was suffering from anything hormone-related might have been told it was due to her blood sugar and would have been given a list of foods she should start consuming, including red meat. The problem with this is that many of these foods can cause weight gain and often very quickly, which can then negatively impact mental wellbeing. By learning what foods the body needs, it is possible to regulate hormones without having to eat meat or take medication.

Benefits of Plant-Based Shakes

Benefits of Plant-Based Shakes

Plant-based shakes have many other benefits. For example, they are anti-inflammatory, can reduce inflammation, help fight disease, and reduce menstrual pain.

Plant-based foods are also good for the gut and can help to excrete toxins and excess hormones.

In addition, plant-based diets are extremely rich in minerals, essential vitamins and fiber, providing people with a very nutritious way of eating to enhance their overall health.

Whatever stage of life a woman finds herself in - whether she wants to improve her fertility or manage menopause naturally - considering a plant-based diet can really help with energy levels, the appearance of skin and hair, and overall well-being.