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5 Quick Tips to Jumpstart Your Vitality

Today is our final day of the first Mission Ignition, so I decide to share our Jumpstart with our larger community. I create a Jumpstart once per week in Mission Ignition to help you focus and stay whelmed, rather than overwhelmed. Begin with one of these tips, and notice how it changes your old patterns. Notice the self-corrections. Maybe add one or more tips as you find your resourceful center. 1. Get your alkaline on. Over the next week, do one thing to help your acid/base balance. Yes, even with the Thanksgiving holiday. Alexandra Jamieson, our wise nutritionista consultant to Mission Ignition, mentioned yesterday to our group her tip of avoiding soda in my interview with her -- both diet and regular soda increase the acid balance in your body because they contain phosphoric acid, which over time can leach minerals out of your bones, leading to bone loss. Another option I happen to love is to drink alkaline broth, and have a recipe for you right here. 2. Restore the sacred rhythm of the Sabbath. I come from an interfaith family. My mom is Catholic. My dad is Jewish. I grew up sort of going to church. My mother was divorced, so we sat in the back pew, outsiders. She was unable to receive sacraments. I did not grow up observing the Sabbath. Later, I came upon a profound book, written by a non-Jewish therapist and minister named Wayne Muller. His book is profound and helped me reclaim a simple but often forgotten ritual for restoring spiritual fitness. Unplug every Friday night be sundown. Get your householder life in order so that you can focus on love, family, relationship, sex, intimacy, orgasm, food, sensuous pleasure. Unplug. Take a digital sabbatical. 25 hours. Reboot. Observing the Sabbath will fill you with grace. And the price is right. 3. Work with your tumescence , or sexual build up - Use Nicole Daedone's Orgasmic Meditation as your path (it's the simplest and efficient) or read a recent book by Dr. Rachel Abrams called The Multiorgasmic Woman. Whether you use Nicole's 15-minute practice of OM or Dr. Rachel's Daoist sexual methods, the result is the same: increased energy. Heightened connection to desire. A more fluid and overflowing experience of orgasm. I happen to feel that Nicole distilled the sometimes arcane mysticism of ancient sexual methods into a far more accessible format, so I recommend starting there. 4. Perform the Alexandra Jamieson Breakfast Experiment for 1 week. As she described to us yesterday in our Mission Ignition interview, take one week to isolate your own food/mood connections, and how they impact your energy, desire and vitality, and by extension, affect your work, finances and relationships. Here's the basic format as Alex taught it to us...
  • For 6 days in a row, commit to the breakfast experiment.
  • One day: breakfast of fresh, local seasonal fruit. Apples and pears in the winter. Does it sustain you? When do you get hungry? Are you more clear or less?
  • Next day, breakfast of steamed vegetables. Maybe broccoli and sweet potatoes. Notice: How’s you’re mood the rest of the day.
  • Then a day of protein. Eggs or tofu or raw nuts/seeds.
  • Fourth day: Carb. Eat that cereal you've been wanting.
  • Follow with a whole grain day. Alex makes a porridge out of 50% oat bran with 50% ground hemp seeds.
  • Finally, a liquid day. Make a smoothie. Add kale or other vegetables and fruit in season. Very few people do well on that day! Do the liquid day on the weekend.
Frame your feelings, experiences and observations within the experiment. One food each day, tracking how you feel. How's your mood? Are you productive? Are you ravenous by 10am? Alex can provide more details if you wish to coach with her - click here to connect with her. 5. 4G inventory... - begin the 4G Practice now. Every day for the next week, recall what’s good, what were the glitches over the past 24 hours, what are you grateful for, and what are your goals for the next day. Consider your 4G inventory your evening accounting practice, just as important as your checking account balance. Make it your habit each night before bed. Your metaphorical milk and cookies, since you know I want you to be dairy-, gluten- and sugar-free. Why am I suggesting these particular practices? How do they relate to natural hormone balance?

Allow me to connect the dots...

Your hormones drive what you're interested in. Yes. But what you're interested in, where you put your awareness, also drive your hormones. Focus on how stressed you are, and you will raise your cortisol levels. That will block your progesterone receptors and may cause a version of estrogen dominance. Change your "awareness menu." Let these practices pull you toward a more rich, full and sustainably authentic life. That is what I consider v-i-t-a-l. If you like this stuff, please tweet it up and Facebook share with your tribe (see those cute icons to your upper right? Click there now). What would you like to ignite?  Your... Mission Ignition is for you if you seek a natural and proven path to sacred balance and vitality.  Click any of the links above, and I will reveal to you the Secrets of a Harvard Gynecologist!


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