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Holiday Hormones: Harvard MD Teaches You How to Surf 'Em

It's the end of the year. Are you depleted? Burned out? Gaining weight over the holidays? Asexual? How much is it worth for you to shift in 2012 to vital, sexy & thin again? http://youtu.be/_f_QRzBaJVk I'm Dr. Sara Gottfried, the integrative physician who coaches depleted women with slow metabolism to feel energized, buoyant, joyous and lithe again. I do it with a combination of proven and natural hormone balancing, plus little-known practices that I've learned over the past 22+ years of clinical practice. Starting January 24, 2012 -- I'm offering a 4-week teleseries called MISSION IGNITION on how to double your metabolism, and the delightful byproducts are increased vitality, sexiness, de-aging and an overflowing tank of energy. You won't find this content anywhere else. Here's how one recent Professor of Sociology reviewed my Mission Ignition course: "Dr. Sara Gottfried, MD, produces a phenomenal transformation in her clients enrolled  in Mission Ignition.  Using quantitative survey techniques, we were able to demonstrate substantial increases in energy and reductions in depressed mood (using an externally validated measure).  Further, the data show exceptionally high levels of satisfaction; the testimonials that we gathered in our surveys further document the efficacy of Dr. Gottfried's techniques. -- Jeanne Hurlbert, PhD I have the knowledge and granularity to take you to a new, vaulted place with your energy, mood and metabolism--not just physical metabolism but emotional, psychological and spiritual. It's all integrated in our 4-week e-course. Hope to see you there. xoxo Dr. Sara PS: For more testimonials or other info about Mission Igniton, click here. Remember that the super low early-bird savings ends Dec 24 at midnight, so act now.


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