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Gretchen Rubin Made Me Do It: Getting Out the Door to Exercise

One of my dearest friends and I talked about how we didn't want to read yet another book from some Yalie telling us what to do with our lives, but then we both caved, and actually loved this book. Read The Happiness Project. It will change you forever. Watch my video where I explain how it changed me. Thank you, Gretchen Rubin.


Beth Gillespie replied on Dec 29, 2015

I LOVED her book! I read it about a year ago and still think about it! Especially: Act the way you want to feel!

Sara Gottfried MD replied on Dec 29, 2015

Love it, Jennifer. Your book looks intriguing! Thanks for commenting and let’s keep in touch.

Jennifer Duchene replied on Dec 29, 2015

I love how a book can give us a gift. One small passage of thought and letters can change the shape of who we are. I will have to add the Happiness Project to my list. It sounds like it might be synergetic to my book, which empowers women to create a space for themselves. Removing ourselves out of where we are,to where we should be, is a joyful journey.

Jennifer Duchene
Author of “Le Chic Cocoon” 7 Steps to creating your Selfish Space.

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