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What Nutrient-Dense Food, Exercise + Orgasm Have In Common

Today I was on a telejam with my new friend, Alexandra Jamieson, who is the nutritionista in the award-winning film, Super Size Me, author and a brilliant certified health and nutrition coach who makes complex subjects like food biochemistry both fascinating and understandable. We were talking the nutrient-dense foods that boost metabolism, get your metabolism right-sized so that it's not too slow nor too fast and revvy. We dished about the culprits that cause inflammation, such as sugar, alcohol and lack of sleep. She said many brilliant things, including: "Metabolism and inflammation can work together like a symphony, or they can be completely out of balance, like the percussion section that just gets too loud." I could not agree more. It made me think about the matrix, the entire system of your body and mind--with all the environmental inputs, the hormones, the neurotransmitters, the psyche, the physical structure, the genetics, and so forth--and how profoundly the matrix responds to the nutrient-dense foods with a powerful healing and reparative response. And also... how poorly the matrix responds to sugar, to excess alcohol (here's what I hear daily in my practice: "But, Dr. Sara, I only drink 1 to 2 glasses of wine per night. Don't take it away from me!"), to inactivity, to artificial light at night, to chronic stress. You know how good movement and exercise are for you: they are major de-agers, as effective as an anti-depressant when you're moody or depressed, help you boost metabolism, etc. In Systems Theory, when you perturb a system, the system resists the perturbation. The rebound has a fancy name, which is harmonic oscillation. It's like when you push your kid on a swing, and the kid comes roaring back. Push harder, and kid swings harder but stays centered around that central axis. We're especially designed for the perturbation of exercise. When you perturb your body system with exercise, the result is that you get huge healing response when appropriately dosed. Here's the rub: Most people under- or over-exercise. But the perturbation is a harmonic event - it's harmonizing & integrative! In other words, exercise creates harmony and healing across the matrix of your body. Across all realms, from energy/metabolism/biochemistry to hormonal/neurotransmitter balance to detoxification/biotransformation to structural/biomechanical issues to mind/spirit. In the same way, orgasm is a harmonizing event. In the same way, female orgasm is under or overdosed, usually under-dosed. In other words, I believe women don't realize their full orgasmic potential, and run around satisfied with the short version, the climax or what my friend Ellen Heed calls "orgasmic sneeze." Both exercise and orgasm are remarkable healing and reparative to all the domains of the matrix. Both repair physiology, metabolism, structure, biochemistry, epigenomics. Other healing perturbations for your matrix are whole-foods, nutrient-dense nutrition. Meditation.
Not refined carbs, not anti-depressants. Not excess wine or environmental pollutants, like xenoestrogens or toxic relationships or childhood trauma.We used to think linearly about female orgasm: desire begets arousal, which begets Orgasm. Now we know female orgasm is nonlinear. Nonlinear, like the matrix. Agree? How else do you positively and reparatively perturb your system, your body matrix?  


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