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Dr Sara's Top 3 Natural Tips for Vulvodynia (Tongue-Twister That It Is... Means Your Patuti Hurts or Feels Irritated)

  We may not talk about it as openly as our kids or latest food obsession, but vulvodynia affects 15% of women. The official, Harvard approved definiition of vulvodynia is this: Vulvodynia is chronic discomfort in the area around the opening of your vagina and/or labia (vulva) for which there is no identifiable cause. Symptoms include pain, burning and irritation, and they may make you so uncomfortable that sitting for long periods or having sex becomes unthinkable and to be avoided. Symptoms persist for months or years, and often cause significant psychological distress. There may be no visible signs, but the good news is that there are several proven treatments available to reduce symptoms. There are 4 types of vulvodynia, including: vulvar vestibulitis syndrome, cyclic vulvovaginitis, dysesthetic vulvodynia, and vulvar dermatoses. My Top 3 Proven Potions for Vulvadynia (AKA "THE RAD SAUCE") 1. Modified Food Plan. I recommend a modified elimination diet, but you know how I despise the word "diet," so let's just refer to this tip as a shift in food plan. Know what that is? Basically this: Cut out gluten, dairy, alcohol, caffeine and sugar, especially sugar, for 6 weeks. The concept? Cut out the most common food sensitivities, the most common allergens and toxins that tend to cause inflammation in the body. Another culprit especially insidious in the vulva, and even in lichen sclerosis, is oxalate, which is present in tea, beer and certain foods. 2. Apply Rad Sauce. I will compound a special ointment (the "rad sauce") that blends castor oil and vitamin A plus some special botanicals that I learned about from Dr. Tori Hudson. Hint: one is tincture of thuja. 3. Supplements. I prescribe oral beta carotene, 75,000IU to 150,000/day). There are many other strategies that i won't list hear which help with bring sex back into the picture. I'm especially fond of the use of Orgasmic Meditation for women suffering from vulvodynia, and a prescribed break from intercourse. When intercourse is introduced, sometimes graduated dilators and local anesthetic gels may be helpful. If you want to learn more, please visit Dr. Tori Hudson's site

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