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How's your trust fund? I mean...your trust fund in your bones

It's Valentine's Day. Time to love up your bones. What's that? You're asking "why?"  "Why" is not a spiritual question. "How?" is a spiritual question. But I digress. When I first learned that women reach peak bone mass at age 30 to 35, I thought: Help! It's like a trust fund that peaks too early and ruins the kid.  Later I thought: Maximize the contributions to the trust fund of bone! More calcium! More Vitamin D3! More running! Weight training, twice per week, for at least 20 minutes! More yoga! (Note: this was in my 30s when I was more amenable to working harder, and adding more and more stuff to my To-Do list). Then I turned 40, became wiser and thought: Crazypants! How can that be? Why would the female body peak at such a young age with bone density, and then begin a steady decline for 60+ years? Weird. And after much research and immersion in the data of bone, I now believe bone loss is a problem of hormone imbalance and nutritional neglect. Certainly, osteoporosis is a problem of hormonal imbalance, plus a few immune issues thrown in for good measure. Put another way, bone loss is a message from the body that something needs to shift. Perhaps what and how you eat. Perhaps the high cortisol you're sporting lately. Perhaps the lack of movement in your life. Perhaps your supplement regimen. If you want to know all about it, listen in for my conversation with my bone homegirl, Irma Jennings.

Healthy Bones - What's the Secret?

Register here, for access to the telejam. If you're like me and want to be slipping into pretzely yoga poses well into your later years, hop on my telejam with me and my bone buddy, Irma, Holistic Bone Coach, who will teach us how to tend our bones using nature's gifts. I want some of that, don't you? Irma and I will discuss: ~ How Strong Digestion Supports Your Bones ~ Osteoporosis Prescription Drugs: Is Sally Field telling the whole story? ~ Milk & Healthy Bones: Fact or Fiction? ~ Osteopenia:  Why so many 40+ are given this diagnosis ~ What the DEXA test is NOT telling you and so much more. Please register here to receive a recording of the telejam, and to get your bones on your side. ABOUT IRMA: Irma Jennings, is a passionate advocate of well-fed and nurtured bones. A former Wall Streeter, she was diagnosed with osteopenia in 2005.  This diagnosis catapulted her into a journey of deep transformation, which led her to her studies at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, NYC and then in Costa Rica, India, and Bali.  This brought her deep transformation into the marrow of her own bones. Today she enjoys radiant health, walks everywhere, embraces her strong bones and enthusiastically offers her 5-week Optimal Bone Health program to those diagnosed with Osteopenia/osteoporosis. Please share this link with your friends or loved ones who want to focus on maintaining strong bones. To your gorgeous bones (and skin!), Dr. Sara.


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