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Game Changers: 7 Women Who Rock My World (+ Connect Me to My Higher Purpose)

I am so very blessed. Here's why.

7 Women. One Year.

These 7 women have vaulted me to places I never thought possible in the past year, from the Fire Starter Sessions with Danielle Laporte (did her book, then did a live Fire Starter, and, WOW, life shifted to technicolor in so many delovely and important ways) to Signature Strengths work with Dr. Jo Ilfeld, PhD to the Money Map homestudy course with online evolutionary lawyer Alexis Neely. Read on and start your fire! 1. Danielle Laporte.  Public speaker, author, Teacher, Mom, Seeker--Danielle Laporte is a fascinating hybrid of leveraged entrepreneurialism and sacredness. Danielle got my work in the authentic zone, more energizing and aligned with Big Vision, than anyone else. She upped my work game as a doctor, teacher, writer, and yoga teacher! In her own words “I talk about authenticity, creativity and meaningful work, and share my experiences from ashrams to raising venture capital.” LOVE her. I did her Fire Starter Sessions (the book) last year - purchase yourself a copy right here on pre-order to help her rock the New York Times bestseller list. Honored to meet her live in May 2011, before I rocked my first book deal, and, My Friends, she is the Real Deal. Oh, I love Danielle. I just trust her completely, like a sister. Let her help you craft your Greater Purpose, and have sacred fun along the way. Buy her book first, then check out the deliciousness on offer on her website. That's Danielle above, with the big hoops and simultaneously quirky and nurturing smile. Did I mention that I LOVE HER?  G . E . N . I . U . S . 2. Ana Forrest.  Yoga teacher and modern Medicine Woman – Ana Forrest can read what is happening to a student emotionally and energetically in a yoga pose like no one else. Ana has been my main spiritual teacher for 10 years, starting when she got me to release my chronically tight neck for the first time in 35 years! 3. Regena Thomashauer.  Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts teaches me about using the powers of desire, not effort, to attain your goals. You will own and enjoy your sense of pleasure, joy and sensuality, and watch as the world comes to you, rather than the other way around. It fits right in with my mantra that we must rewire to pleasure, not stress. 4. Jo Ilfeld, PhD.  Best success coach in the world who taught me my signature strengths, and how to leverage them in my work, my marriage, and my mothering. I give her my highest endorsement, and recommend that you go to her site right now and sign up for her ample free gifts and coaching. If you want to start small, do the "Signature Strengths" package--it will identify your top 7 strengths that you can use to have your way in the world (rather than the old-school and lousy way of trying harder, or changing your weaknesses). Jo is a graduate of Yale College and has a PhD in business in case you want her street cred. She's the most evidence-based coach I know. Amazingsauce.

Calling All OverProviders...

5. Jen Louden.  Jennifer Louden taught me that over providing was not only burning out my adrenals but also not doing my daughters any good - nor my Darling Husband! She's an extraordinary Life organizer and self-care expert 6. Nicole Daedone of OneTaste.us who reminded me that tumescence is the way to keep the female tank full, or better yet, overflowing! Cannot get enough of this woman, and here's a secret: We are launching a new campaign to replace Starbucks with Orgasmic Cafe! Orgasm is the path, the practice, that best balances your hormones, and gets you back in your body again. Starbucks offers fake energy (caffeine); Orgasm offers real energy. Delightful (and watch for breaking news!). 7. Alexis Neely, online lawyer and evolutionary change agent. I did her Money Map Home Study course and it changed my life forever. Ali Shanti is also founder and CEO of the Family Wealth Planning Institute, a company that is revolutionizing the way personal legal services are provided to families and small business owners in the United States today.

Now It's Your Turn to Change Your Game (+ Tell Us How You Do It and Did It)

Who are your change agents? Your sacred go-tos? Who has changed the direction of your life in the past year? I'd love to hear from you in the comment section and please share the love on Twitter and Facebook--with your tribe! xoxo Dr. Sara


Jo Ilfeld replied on Dec 29, 2015

I’m flattered and amazed. You too are my game changer and an inspiration for women everywhere who are on a mission to change the world one woman at a time (or a lot at a time coming 2013. . . ;-))

Karyn Wagner replied on Dec 29, 2015

Great gift of Gratitude Dr G.!! To get such gifts allows you to give more of YOUR gifts. Some new gals in your list, will definitely check in. We all win- win.Thanks for sharing with us.

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