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A Wild Weekend: Hormone-Balancing Yoga & Farm-to-Table Lunch at Gospel Flat Farm in Bolinas, CA

farmstandOne of the perks of my job is that sometimes I get asked to do fabulous events with extremely talented people. One of those events is coming up this weekend at Gospel Flat Farm. Gospel Flat Farm has been a favorite in my family for years, whether we're hunting down fresh produce or we just need a gorgeous spot for a picnic, so when I got asked to do a live yoga-lunch event there, I was doing the happy dance. I've got a few good friends coming with me to the Wildsoul event this weekend, but I always want more! When it comes to spreading the message of balanced hormones, whole foods, and the healing power of yoga, I always want a packed house.

Food & Fun

yogaI'll be hanging out with a small group that gets a talk on hormones, a farm tour, a yoga session, and a fabulous feast on Sunday, July 14. With a tour of the lovely grounds and some deep breathing and stretching under your belt, I know you'll be hungry for the amazing menu Chef Jessica Theroux and I have hammered out.  It's full of hormone-lovin' seasonal fruits and veggies grown right on site and it's designed to lower stress, rev up your metabolism, and get you feeling absolutely rejuvenated. I'm a little hungry just thinking about it.

 Get Your Om On

FarmToTable-170-2140667010-O If you're free this Sunday from 11:00-2:00, I'd love to hang with you in Bolinas! Come rock your mission Bay Area-style in a seriously gorgeous setting. Register now! Only a few spots left. Click here for more info and to save room for your yoga mat.


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