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Mystic Danielle Laporte: There's a Bigger Story to Your Story

danielle   I'm madly, crazy, over-the-moon in love with a new mystic named Danielle Laporte. She is rocking my integrative, hormone-infused world and getting me totally reconnected to integrative medicine, and how to firestart the health of others on a larger scale.  That's her line in the title: There's a bigger story to your story. Danielle has a tremendous gift to see the Big Story and reflects it back to you. Here's an inside line: Light your own fire right here with her $150 Fire Starter Session (FSS). Prepare to be transformed. Danielle's is an evocative path, treading new territory in the online experience of deep authenticity. Here is a sweet little sample of what Danielle calls The Burning Questions. You get these also if you book Danielle for a $1000, one-hour 1:1 session (BTW, you can do that too, and deduct the $150 from the FSS). WARM HEART : BLAZING PATH 1. When someone at a party asks you what you do, what do you say?  (And how do you feel when you say it?) 2. How do you make your money? What are your revenue streams? What makes you the most money? 2.5. How much money would you LIKE to be making? 3. What do people thank you for most often? What do they come to you for, or say about you most frequently ("positive" or "negative")? 4. When do you feel powerful, passionate, free, incredibly useful, excited, inspired? 5. What do you think your form of genius is? What are you amazing at (work or life-related?) Let me know your answers and I'll show you mine!


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