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Was getting a little veggie henna applied to my lashes today on Fourth Street in Berkeley when I stumbled upon a new eco boutique in the 'hood: CONVERT. WOW. Waltzed in and explained my organic experiment: one year - 100% organic in what I wear and schmear. No blank stare. Instead: efficient march through store, all arms loaded full with organic clothing delicacies. They got it. Fast. Fab design too. Not the organic crap that's offered at Patagonia (looks like your cousin in rural Idaho might like it), or Patagucci as I like to call it. Becca, assistant manager, shown below, got me hooked up.  She-Bible or Curator (they're changing their name, I guess) of San Francisco, Prairie Underground from Seattle, Convert brand t-shirts (organic cotton, fabricated in Los Angeles), Tightology (organic tights). Needed something warm to layer in my sometimes-chilly medical office. Here you are: Plath Cardigan.
Bought this little number for the next time I meet Tony Blair. The Bancroft dress by Curator. Still researching whether it's actually as organic as the staff led me to believe. Help - disavow me of my skepticism!
Casual organic: easy to source. Dressy organic: not so easy. Raincoats too: not so easy. Hook me up. Liked this too but ran out of money: Pop Doyle Tee.
Here's Becca, Assistant Manager. She's so fly. Love her. Super bright. Loved Randy too - owner. Opened the place one year ago. Big party tomorrow night at the store - in the old Hear Music storefront.
In between lashes and organic cotton spree, I popped my head in Molly B's. I've shopped there for decades. Asked about organic clothes, cotton, wool, anything? Blank stare.


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