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3 Questions That Will Help You Change Your Habits In The New Year

It’s a new year! And that means new goals, new dreams, new possibilities. The sky is the limit.

Except when those old habits creep back in and stop us from getting what we want. Ugh. That’s SO frustrating. But there’s hope… Why? Because repeating old habits is not your fault. You just haven’t yet discovered a strategy to change habits in a way that WORKS. That’s why we’re going to share 3 questions you can answer right now to help you change your habits in the new year. What learning these 3 questions means for you is finally having a new strategy to achieve your goals and dreams – in any area of your life.  

Question #1: “What will having that do for me?”

3 Questions That Will Guide You in Changing Your Habits This YearMost people never ask themselves this question, but it is a crucial one for changing habits. Here’s why…. Yes, we want the “thing” we want – to lose 10 pounds, to balance hormones, to have a nicer home, to stop yelling at the kids. But what we REALLY want is what that “thing” will do for us. For example, let’s say you want to lose 10 pounds this year. If you ask yourself “what will having that do for me?” perhaps your answer is that you’ll fit back into those sexy leather leggings in your closet. If you ask that question again and ask “And what will fitting into those sexy leather leggings in my closet do for me?” Perhaps you answer is that strutting around in those sexy leggings will help you remember that YOU’RE sexy!  

Question #2: “What’s most important to me about ______?”

Why is it important to ask what’s important? Because it helps you get even more specific about what you want and how it will change your life. Using our example above, here’s what you’ll ask yourself: “What’s most important to me about remembering that I’m still sexy?” Your response might be “What’s most important to me is feeling PROUD of my body, instead of embarrassed by it. Which leads to Question #3….  

Question #3: “When and with whom would I like ________?”

This question is important because it uncovers specific information about when and with whom you’d like to have what you want. In our example, you would ask yourself “When and with whom would I like to feel proud of my body?” Your response might be that you’d like to feel proud of your body when you’re in the bedroom getting intimate with your partner.  

Now let’s tie this all together….

As a result of asking yourself the 3 questions, you discovered that losing 10 pounds and feeling sexy in your leather leggings is NOT your main goal. Your MAIN goal is to feel proud of your body when you’re in the bedroom getting intimate with your partner.  

So how does this knowledge apply to changing your habits?

Because now you are connected to a deeper, richer, more meaningful reason to stick with new habits, instead of defaulting to old ones. Like feeling tempted to eat a second piece of birthday cake. Instead of eating it, call up the feeling of being PROUD of your body and the image of being with your partner in your hot and steamy bedroom. Who needs a second piece of birthday cake when you can have THAT? You can use these 3 questions to change your habits in any area of your life this year. We think you’ll be delighted to discover how well they work.
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