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The Hormone Cure (Now in Paperback!) – Dr. Sara’s Book Club #10

I can’t believe it’s already been a year since my New York Times bestselling book “The Hormone Cure” was first published.

Time really does fly when you’re having fun and rocking your mission. And when that mission involves helping other women feel healthy, happy, and balanced in their own bodies? Well, saying I’m blessed and honored to tackle the job is an understatement.

I’m thrilled by the response the book has received – I’ve heard from so many readers who have rediscovered their energy, vitality, and happiness, all while learning how to balance their own hormones naturally with the Gottfried Protocol. The Hormone Cure Book by Dr Sara GottfriedMany people have also written in asking fantastic questions, and I’m excited to announce that I answer many of them in nearly 50 pages of brand new bonus content in the paperback version of my book.  To celebrate the re-release of “The Hormone Cure” and to show my gratitude for your unending support, I’m giving away Your Hormone Toolkit (my 39-page quickstart guide to hormone balance), plus my brand new Video Series + PDFs to help you quickly fix your adrenals, reverse food addiction and sugar cravings, and boost energy with proven supplements. So, are you ready to finally feel at home in your body again? Click HERE to claim your hormone-balancing gifts!

What is“The Hormone Cure”all about?

For those of you who aren’t yet familiar with my work, let me give a quick synopsis and explain why the information inside “The Hormone Cure” is worth knowing. It comes down to this: women today face a largely unacknowledged epidemic of hormone imbalance. Think about the average woman you know. Is she overworked? Short on time? Spread too thin? Zapped of energy? Frazzled and stressed? Missing her libido? Tired of feeling tired all the time? It’s no surprise that, being in this state day in and day out, most women reach for a quick fix diet, energy boost, or drugs that our doctors promise us will solve our problems. Yet to achieve lasting health and balance, what women really need to start with is an understanding of the processes at work behind the scenes. Put simply? It all comes down to your hormones. That complex network is responsible for regulating your weight, your mood, your sex drive, and your overall sanity. Proper hormone balance keeps you humming along happily, while an out-of-whack systemturns things upside down – and fast. The key is to realize that your personal hormonal harmony is directly affected by your daily lifestyle choices: the foods you eat, the drugs you take, even by the type of exercise you engage in. But this is actually great news, you see, because it means that how you feel is indeed within your control. The only requirement is that you have a roadmap for navigating this journey, and that’s where my book comes in. I wrote “The Hormone Cure” to help women everywhere take their health and happiness into their own hands. It’s a tool for educating yourself, assessing your personal situation, learning the applicable science, and finally understanding the steps you can take to restore balance. It is a myth that getting older is synonymous with feeling moody, tired, and unsexy. You may have believed this before, but let’s just ditch that faulty logic at the door right now. The truth is that your hormones want to be in balance—all it takes from you is a little knowledge and application. For those of you that are already on the hormonal balancing journey, the new paperback version of my book has nearly 50 pages of brand new content, crafted in response to all the great follow-up questions I’ve received from readers. Throughout the book, you’ll find additional protocols, more on perimenopause and menopause, and even specifics on how to improve your hormonal situation naturally and safely after breast cancer.

Here’s the scoop on some of the new goodies in the paperback release:

Readers’ Q&A Since many of you had the same great questions, the book now contains a Q&A section for easy reference. I’ve answered each question in-depth, offering step-by-step solutions, recommended testing where applicable, andadvice on how to know when to follow up with your doctor. Here are just a few of the questions I discuss in this section:
  • I am in total hormone chaos. Everything seems off. I don’t just have one hormonal imbalance. I love your book, but where should I start?
  • What about women after menopause? Why do we still experience some symptoms of hormone imbalance? Is it still helpful to apply The Gottfried Protocol to correct these symptoms, such as memory issues?
  • How can I have both high and low estrogen? I’m trying to understand what protocol to follow.
  • What foods boost serotonin, the brain chemical that helps my mood, sleep, and appetite?
  • What can I do to revive my libido and to begin to feel juicy again?
  • I have been taking antidepressants for years, but now I think some of my problems might be due to hormonal imbalance. What do you recommend for people who want to get off of antidepressants?
Some of the other topics I discuss are how to work through confusion in determining your hormonal state, hormone balancing for men, where to find medical practitioners who will truly be on your team, important blood tests every woman should take, and advice on everything from boosting fertility to how to get a deep, restful night’s sleep. Normal and Optimal Ranges for Hormone Levels This section is organized as a chart, showing 40 different hormone lab tests and their corresponding “normal” and “optimal” results for women. It’s a great resource for at-a-glance comparisons after you’ve had your levels tested. Readers can easily check their results against the data anytime, and the best part is that it’s all in one place—no more hunting down the info for each test separately. Fertility, Conception, Pregnancy and Lactation Protocols Though modern medicine has helped millions of couples conceive, there are also many natural (and inexpensive) methods that aren’t often discussed in doctors’ offices. These recommendations target the complex system of hormonal crosstalk that is integral to helping you get pregnant, deliver a healthy child, thrive postpartum, and breastfeed. Some of the topics considered here include:
  • The joys and difficulties inherent in conceiving and being pregnant
  • Natural methods for boosting fertility
  • Factors that contribute to fertility and the health of your pregnancy, including: stress, age, nutrition, supplements, GMOs, and exposure to toxins
  • Notes on exercise during pregnancy
Spread the Love (and the knowledge!) One of the best things I’ve heard from readers who have read my book is that they’re finally on the path to feeling like themselves again. That’s why I’m thrilled about the paperback release—I hope the new content goes even further towards helping you rediscover hormonal balance. If you loved “The Hormone Cure,” share this updated version with your girlfriends, mothers, sisters, and daughters. As amazing as it feels to get our own hormones happy again, it’s even better when we can share the love and knowledge with the women we care about. 

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