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Finding Your ME Spot: Dr. Sara’s Book Club #15

We’ve all experienced it – life gets so busy you lose sight of your own needs and desires. Deborah Kagan's book "Find Your ME Spot" describes the five senses and how they relate to your overall sense of health, well-being, and vitality.

You try to be everything to everyone at the expense of truly taking care of – or getting to know – yourself. Eventually, this leaves you feeling flat, drained, and directionless. Is this not the anthem of the modern womanIf it sounds like your story, Deborah Kagan's book "Find Your ME Spot" could be just the antidote. Her advice? Harness your most confident self by exploring the world passionately, going after things that excite you, and cracking yourself wide open to find out who you are and what makes you feel vibrant. Deborah suggests you can easily do this by slowing down and tuning in to your five senses, as getting in touch with your sensuality will reawaken that vitality and energy you may think you’ve lost for good.  

The Truth About Sensuality

Kagan is careful to point out that sensuality is not merely sexual, though that’s a common assumption. Sensuality actually refers to the fact that we use our senses to observe and interact with the world. This is an innate gift of being human, so living a turned-on life means being sensually alive. "Find Your ME Spot" lays out 52 fun, easy exercises that can help get you there. Kagan guides you through using your sight, sound, smell, taste and touch as tools for exploring your "me" spot and discovering the answers to important questions: What does it mean to be you? What excites you? What makes you feel alive?  

Five Sections for the Five Senses

The book is divided into five sections, one for each of the five senses. Kagan's exercises are simple and mesh easily with the modern woman's everyday life. You can work through these in order, or you can flip around and see what feels good to you. You're bound to notice new things about yourself, feel your self-love start to expand, and ultimately you might even find yourself living the empowered, vibrant, vivacious, and enthusiastic life you deserve, darling. Here’s how Kagan describes the five senses and how they relate to your overall sense of health, well-being, and vitality:

Finding Your ME Spot: Dr. Sara’s Book Club #151. See ME

What you put in your scope of vision every day informs your present and shapes your future. So, Kagan suggests a handful of ways to surround yourself with things, people, and places that visually stimulate and inspire you. You have the power to choose the kind of world to create for yourself.

2. Taste ME

What you put in your mouth not only has an effect on your health, but also plays a significant role in your excitement about life. Whether literal (food, drinks, medicine, supplements) or figurative (words, thoughts, feelings), take in only things that raise you up to your highest self. Your tastes will undoubtedly change as you grow and transform, which is part of the fun.

3. Touch ME

What your skin feels every day affects your mood and how you perceive yourself. Don't underestimate the importance of doing comforting things (like cuddling up in cashmere!). Kagan's exercises focus on touching things that please you.

4. Hear ME

Your ears absorb external stimuli and internal thoughts 24/7. When what you hear is negative, it can make you feel sad, afraid, and insignificant. When it's positive, you feel confident, fabulous, and energetic. Kagan's tips guide you in seeking out the sounds that are in harmony with who you want to be.

5. Smell ME

Did you know that your sense of smell is connected directly to your memory? This makes scent an extremely powerful influence on your emotional state. Kagan's steps in this section show you how to surround yourself with the scents that support your ideal life. The whole premise of "Find Your ME Spot" is in line with what I believe about true health: it comes from the inside out and requires an attitude of curiosity, nurturing, and self-love. Kagan’s approach is lighthearted and fun, too, which gives us an excuse to take off our thinking caps, kick up our feet, and just get in the groove of who we really are. Between the kids and the commitments, the careers and the caretaking, I think we women have earned that – don’t you?

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