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Sara Gottfried, MD

I Hate Exercise, but It Loves Me (Dr. Sara's 5 Tips for Biohacking Exercise When You'd Rather Do Anything Else)

biohacking exercise Blog Boost Energy Levels Naturally Decadent self-care Eat epigenomics exercise exercise is better than antidepressant Fire away FitBit Gretchen Rubin growth hormone hawthorne effect hormonal veil hormones integrative medicine longevity matrix paxil pharmacopeia running serotonin Take back your mojo telomeres The Hormone Cure Women's Health | 0 comments

There, I admit it. It's time to get brutally honest. After all, I'm in my forties, perimenopausal, and the best part about it is the newfound clarity, the lift of the hormonal veil--regarding the endless accommodation, the people-pleasing, the half-hearted enthusiasm for things you don't really enjoy but you do them anyway. Such...

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The Cheat System Diet: Review and Discussion with Author Jackie Wicks

Blog Cheat System Diet Cheat System Diet Review Cortisol Detox Diet Eat Exercise Food and Detox Jackie Wicks Joel Fuhrman hard to do Nutrient dense recipes Recipe Recipes for losing weight Stopped Working Diets for Moms Weigh Watchers Weight Loss | 0 comments

When I was a new mom, I struggled with losing the baby weight. I joined Weight Watchers and lost a few pounds but they didn’t stay off. I didn’t eat that well on Weight Watchers – I could literally eat anything I wanted as long as I stayed within my...

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Dr. Sara's Top 3 Questions: Weight Loss

Best Ways to Lose Weight Blog cardiovascular issues Cleanse Detox Diet diabetes diet Dr Sara Gottfried Eat eat clean Exercise Food and Detox gluten Hormonal Imbalance hormones How to Lose Weight Fast Mediterranean diet Paleo Diet stress Stress Management vegan diet weight gain weight loss | 0 comments

For most women, there’s no topic hotter than weight loss. True, we live in a culture that all but demands we have an obsession with our looks, but the search for a perfect swimsuit body is also representative of something bigger – we’re more concerned than ever about being healthy,...

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Nutrition Advice From a Phone App: Does It Really Work?

ADD ADHD autism Best Ways to Lose Weight Blog cancer diabetes Eat eating fast foods eating habits eating junk foods Energy energy levels fast food Food food smartphone apps good health Guest Experts heart disease hormones lisa best nutrition nutrition phone app nutrition phone apps nutritious foods obesity phone app phone apps weight loss Women's Health | 0 comments

Cook? Between the job, the kids, and everyone’s social calendars, who has time to cook anymore? I hear the same lament all the time from busy parents. Who has time to worry about food? I’ve often felt the same way myself. Sometimes I cringe when I think back to the...

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Top 5 Reasons Why Diets Fail

Blog Detox Diet dichotomous thinking diet Eat emotional eating Food food cravings Guest Experts sugar addiction Sugar Cravings withdrawal symptoms | 0 comments

Do you ever wonder why you are not successful at dieting? Here are 5 reasons why your diets may be failing…   #1:  The Word “Diet” People who are in good shape are not those who went on a diet once—they are people who consistently make good food choices, aside...

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3 Tips for Staying Healthy When There’s a Bun in the Oven (Or Soon to Be One!)

advice for pregnant women alcohol Balance Blog Cleanse Detox Diet don't drink coffee Dr Sara Gottfried Eat Exercise folic acid Food Food and Detox GMO's happy pregnancy healthy baby healthy pregnancy Hormones omega 3 Pregnancy pregnancy test pregnant woman Women's Health Yoga | 0 comments

If you ask any newly pregnant woman if she prefers a boy or a girl, you’re bound to hear one resounding statement: I just want a healthy baby. Every soon-to-be mama wants her baby to be as nourished and well protected as possible, and this requires the mother’s own health...

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6 Tips for Loving Your Gut and Healing Digestive Problems Naturally

allergies and acne Ayurveda Balance bloating Blog constipation diet dietary imbalance digestive issues digestive problems Dr Sara Gottfried Eat Fiber flatulence Food food allergies Food and Detox gluten GMO exposure GMO's healing digestive problems naturally how to take care of your gut irritable bowel syndrome liver disease loving your gut probiotics stress taking care your gut | 0 comments

Your gut doesn’t lie. It gives you that “gut reaction” when something isn’t quite right; it growls when you’re hungry; and a stomach upset is sometimes the first symptom of something amiss in your body. Indeed, your gut may be the most forthcoming part of your body, unable to mask...

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Hair Loss, Hormones and How to Regain Your Luscious Locks

Blog Blood Sugar causes of hair loss Eat estrogen excess estrogen hair loss Hormonal Imbalance Hormone Imbalance hormones insulin menopause testosterone Thyroid | 0 comments

Want to know the optimal lab ranges to keep your locks luscious and hormones in check? Grab my free guide, Optimal Lab Ranges, to see if your numbers measure up. If there’s one thing in the world that a woman takes seriously, it’s her hair. We cut it, we style...

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Breakthrough Science: Curing “Incurable” Diseases

Blog breakthrough science Detox Diet diet DNA Eat food Food and Detox Guest Experts Hot Topics incurable disease lifestyle multiple sclerosis wahls protocol Women's Health | 0 comments

The “incurable” diseases are not as incurable as you think. I expected to bedridden and befuddled by now due to my “incurable” disease – secondary progressive multiple sclerosis. For 7 years, I’d been going steadily downhill, despite taking the latest, greatest drugs. In 2007, I could walk short distances using...

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4 Trends That Are Shaping the Future of Nutrition

Blog Eat eating eating psychology food good food good nutrition health longevity marc david Weight | 0 comments

Marc David here, founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. I’ve spent the last 3 decades doing my best to advance the fields of nutrition and eating psychology, and I’m happy to say, there’s lots of good news to look forward to. At the same time, there’s plenty...

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Cleansing WITHOUT the Jitters--How to Love Up Your Liver Again

Blog Boost Energy Levels Naturally Cleanse detox Detox Support Eat Embrace the femme Hormonal Imbalance in Women liver detoxification Oakland Bioidentical Hormones | 0 comments

This month we’re singing the praises of the cleanse to keep us from singing the blues. Today, I want to share how a cleanse helps to detox our liver which works so damn hard to break down the harmful toxins that we send its way, as well as just the...

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