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My Paleolista Soul Sister: Julia Ross and The Diet Cure

Blog cortisol Eat Everyday mystic Hormonal Imbalance in Women Paleo Take back your mojo | 0 comments

Most Americans are now unable to stop eating refined sweets and starches. Why? Because these foods are actually more addictive than alcohol or drugs! No joke. Sugar ages you prematurely and feeds the wrong message to your genetic code. Stop the sugar train. As NIDA chief Nora Volkow explained in...

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Your Boobs on Booze: How Alcohol Affects Your Breast Health

Blog Boost Energy Levels Naturally breast cancer prevention Decadent self-care Eat estradiol estrogen | 0 comments

Darlings, first the good news. You have a choice about how estrogen works for or against you in your body. The bad news is that the latest, best evidence shows that 3 or more servings of alcohol per week may increase your risk of breast cancer quite seriously. Three. Per...

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What Nutrient-Dense Food, Exercise + Orgasm Have In Common

Blog Eat Embrace the femme Low Sex Drive in Women Take back your mojo | 0 comments

Today I was on a telejam with my new friend, Alexandra Jamieson, who is the nutritionista in the award-winning film, Super Size Me, author and a brilliant certified health and nutrition coach who makes complex subjects like food biochemistry both fascinating and understandable. We were talking the nutrient-dense foods that boost...

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China Dispatch #2: Chinese Originated Bioidentical Hormones in 1025 AD

Blog Boost Energy Levels Naturally California Bioidentical Hormones Eat Hormonal Imbalance in Women Natural Insomnia Remedies Take back your mojo | 0 comments

Did you know that the Chinese were the first to create, compound, document and prescribe bioidentical hormones to replace what's lost due to aging? Certainly not me, yet I am not surprised to learn of this--as my interviewee last week, fourth-generation Chinese Doctor 刘英山  Liu Ying Shan, tells me that the...

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China Dispatch #1: "Too much pressure. Too much stress." Followed by an extraordinary night of sleep.

Blog Boost Energy Levels Naturally Eat Natural Insomnia Remedies | 0 comments

  "Hell, Yes." That was my response when my husband, David Gottfried, founder of the US Green Building Council and LEED, was asked to give a speech at a green conference in Shenzhen, the "Silicon Valley" of China near Hong Kong, and David asked if we should go. I had...

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Emotional Eating Redefined: Stressed About Your Weight? That May Be the Problem...

Blog Eat | 0 comments

By Guest Blogger Michelle Leath If there was ever a reason to stop worrying about your weight, it’s this – The worry in and of itself may be what’s keeping the weight on! Here’s what I mean: If you haven’t been able to attain or maintain the weight you want,...

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Not Your Mama's Kugel

Blog Eat Recipe | 0 comments

Tonight is the start of the Jewish High Holidays with Rosh Hashanah, i.e., the Jewish New Year. We're hosting 22 people for dinner and I'm perpetually searching for ways to make traditional Jewish foods more nutrient-dense. Check out the two "alternative" kugels I found, both from Epicurious. Cauliflower-Leek Kugel with...

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Food Addiction = Disease: Stages & Consequences

Blog diet Eat food food addiction food addicts Food and Detox food control | 0 comments

I'm going to draw heavily again from Kay Sheppard's book on food addiction along with my professional and personal experience to lay out for you the stages and consequences of the disease of food addiction. It's when we look at food addiction as a bad habit that needs to be...

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