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Ana Forrest Wants You to Clear Your Stuck Patterns with Yoga

Ana Forrest Blog Everyday mystic Fierce Medicine Forrest Yoga yoga | 0 comments

My first impression when I met Ana Forrest in 2005 at a yoga workshop in St. Helena, CA? FIERCE. I gathered with 75 other yogis, mat-to-mat, in a hot room as Ana coaxed us to clear the junk, the stuck emotional debris, that hardens us and eventually sickens the body....

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Dr. Sara’s Genius Bar: The Best Natural Beauty Brands

annmarie gianni best natural beauty product brands Blog buying safe beauty products campaign for safe cosmetics chemical free clean beauty clean eating Cleanse cosmetics Dr Sara Gottfried Eat Everyday mystic for sensitive skin josie maran julie elliott's in fiore natural beauty products natural ingredients noncomedogenic oils and botanicals Tarte Women's Health | 0 comments

Since I talk so much about the importance of clean eating, I think it’s only fair to also address “clean beauty” – and how important it is to choose natural products for your hair, skin, and body. I won’t lie: It’s easy to get confused these days. Labels like “natural,”...

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How I Fixed My Exercise, Got Lean, and Rocked My Growth Hormone (IGF-1)

Blog Boost Energy Levels Naturally Decadent self-care Embrace the femme Everyday mystic Fire away growth hormone Hormonal Imbalance in Women Take back your mojo | 0 comments

First the bold news: I hacked my growth hormone with exercise and raised it 53%. But allow me to back up so we can put this in context. What Is Growth Hormone? Growth hormone is a misunderstood stress hormone that raises the level of glucose in your blood, and stimulates...

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Dr. Sara’s Book Club #3: Hardwiring Happiness: The Hidden Power of Everyday Experiences

Blog brain calm confidence contentment dr sara Dr. Sara's Book Club Everyday mystic happiness hardwiring happiness health hormones negativity neuroscience rick hanson science Take back your mojo | 0 comments

I wanted to let you know about a new book that I think you’ll like.... Because I LOVE it. It’s called Hardwiring Happiness: The New Brain Science of Contentment, Calm, and Confidence. It’s written by my colleague -- neuropsychologist and bestselling author Rick Hanson, Ph.D. -- and it lays out...

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Madonna My Thyroid, Please

autoimmune thyroiditis Blog Embrace the femme Everyday mystic Exercise Food and Detox hypothyroid Hypothyroidism Symptoms Madonna Oprah Sugar Addiction Sugar Cravings Thyroid Thyroid Problems Weight Loss Women's Health | 0 comments

One comment personal trainers hear daily from overweight, middle-aged women is: "I want Madonna arms." It makes them want to shoot themselves. Actually, um, I want Madonna arms. While she is controversial, chameleonic and doesn’t always comment wisely on her art, she is arguably looking might fine for her age....

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Monday Mystic: Menopause Poem by Adair Lara

Adair Lara Anne Lamott Blog Everyday mystic Menopause Poem Mystic Monday Natural Insomnia Remedies Symptoms of Menopause Women's Health | 0 comments

  Adair Lara is our Monday Mystic for Jan 31, 2011. She sent this phresh poem to me today (see below), and got me thinking I need to banish people-pleasing from my life far in advance of menopause. You? And start self basting in this Bulgarian hotel I call my...

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Organic GYN Goes to Portland for Baby Shower

Blog cupcakes Eat Everyday mystic organic baby shower Organic self-experiment Portland | 0 comments

  Been to an organic baby shower? Me neither! I'm in Portland, helping to throw a baby shower for my beloved sister, Anna. That would be her diaper cake, made by a friend, above. I've taken my organic show on the road twice now: first to Point Reyes at New...

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Mystic Danielle Laporte: There's a Bigger Story to Your Story

Blog Burning Questions Danielle Laporte Everyday mystic Fire away Firestarter Sessions Hot Topics White Hot Truth | 0 comments

  I'm madly, crazy, over-the-moon in love with a new mystic named Danielle Laporte. She is rocking my integrative, hormone-infused world and getting me totally reconnected to integrative medicine, and how to firestart the health of others on a larger scale.  That's her line in the title: There's a bigger...

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Vote Now: Monday Mystic

Blog Brene Brown Danielle Laporte Everyday mystic Marie Forleo Marta Dansie Novella Carpenter Rebecca Burgess Regena Thomashauer | 0 comments

  Just finished my sacral releases, in my nightgown, of course, 'cuz it's President's Day. Need your help with a little something: there are so many mystics to choose from today, I'm having difficulty choosing just one to blog about. Please vote in the comments section for one or more....

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Rebecca Burgess Makes Me Happy - Clothes that Heal

Ayurveda Blog Cheryl Fromholzer Eat Embrace the femme Everyday mystic Fibershed Project Gathering Thyme Madder Root natural dye organic clothing Organic self-experiment Rebecca Burgess Turmeric | 0 comments

Yesterday I joined mystic Rebecca Burgess and herbalist Cheryl Fromholzer as they pioneered the emerging yet ancient field (love that!) of medicinal dyes for our clothes in a local workshop entitled "Healing Clothes: Making Dyes & Natural Medicine." Ancient because it's been done for 2500+ years, mostly documented in the Ayurvedic...

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My Lady Garden: Organic GYN's Weekend Action

Blog Everyday mystic Fibershed garden natural dye organic organic clothing organic garden organic gardening Organic self-experiment Rebecca Burgess | 0 comments

Curious about what an organic gynecologist does on the weekend? I thought I'd feature a few videos and photos of my organic dye garden as well as some awesome recent workshops with Rebecca Burgess, my mystic friend and inspiration for all things natural and uber-local. First, here's a vlog I...

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Kicking Dairy: Why Bother?

Betty Ford for Cheese Blog Cleanse dairy David Gottfried Everyday mystic Food and Detox Neal Barnard | 0 comments

Throughout my 22 years of taking care of people, I've seen a lot of addictive behaviors. Particularly around food. Most common: chocolate, cheese, caffeine, flour, sugar, taken to anesthetize. These babies are drugs. I recall learning in the early 1980s that dairy products contain morphine-like substances. This was published in...

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