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Sara Gottfried, MD

Book Club: Five Burning Questions with Bestselling Author Dani Shapiro

Blog Dr. Sara's Book Club Guest Experts | 0 comments

Photo credit: Michael Maren, I fell in love with Dani’s work when I read Devotion, a powerful memoir about being a mom, writer, and spiritual seeker. Dani was kind enough to let me interview her recently with my top 5 burning questions. In my obsessive consumption of every book...

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Ditch Sugar Cravings with These 5 Strategies

Blog Blood Sugar Food Guest Experts Sugar sugar addiction Sugar Cravings | 0 comments

“I had done so well yesterday, but about 9 p.m. last night I walked into the kitchen and there they were,” a friend recently told me. “I intended to eat just a bite, but, well, I managed to polish off quite a few cookies. It was like something overcame me...

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5 Natural Tips for Feeling More Frisky

Ayurveda best natural beauty product brands Blog Guest Experts herbal medicine libido low sex drive natural beauty products natural cosmetics pthalates sex | 0 comments

Spring is just around the corner. Trees are budding, bird are nesting, and the days are getting longer. Sounds like a good time for romance and love, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, many women suffer with low sex drive, so Dr. Sara asked me to write about natural ways you can boost...

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Stay Focused and Healthy This Holiday Season with the Right Kind of Intermittent Fasting

Biohacking Blog bulletproof coffee butter coffee Dave Asprey Guest Experts intermittent fasting | 0 comments

The idea of fasting for any length of time is a bit scary for all of us—and for good reason. Our brains are trained to think that the world is coming to an end when we stop eating, even for as few as eighteen hours. However, there are unquestionable benefits...

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Q & A with Chris Kresser

Blog Guest Experts gut health healing the gut Paleo Personal Paleo Code prebiotics probiotics | 0 comments

Chris Kresser is a neighbor and my favorite savant when it comes to ancestral health and how it informs functional medicine. He generously answered my burning questions about how he got into functional medicine and Paleo, gut health, and his latest interests.... Q: Chris, you’re trained as an acupuncturist but...

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America’s #1 Addiction Might Shock You

beta endorphin Blog Blood Sugar cortisol Detox Diet diet dopamine dr pamela peeke dr robert lustig Dr Sara Gottfried Dr. Mark Hyman drug addiction Food and Detox ghrelin Guest Experts hormones insulin JJ Virgin leptin serotonin sugar addiction Sugar Cravings Women's Health zoe william | 0 comments

“I wanted to do it alone,” a client told me. “I didn’t want anyone else around. Minutes after I began, I felt this rush of euphoria and I couldn’t stop. Then came the inevitable crash, where I wanted to curl up in the fetal position watching 'Friends' reruns.” If you’re...

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7 Essential Steps in Resetting Your Body’s Natural Clock

Blog Boost Energy Levels Naturally cravings Energy exercise food growth hormones Guest Experts hormonal balance Hormonal Imbalance hormone balance hormones Meditation qigong restorative exercises sleep tai chi walking Women's Health yoga | 0 comments

Are you 35 years old but sometimes feel like you’re 95? While age is just a number, we do associate certain feelings, symptoms and diseases with different ages, and I felt like I was 90 when I was just 36. I was burned out and exhausted. I had adult acne...

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Why Do I Feel Disconnected? The Cortisol-Oxytocin Connection

antisocial Blog Boost Energy Levels Naturally cortisol depression Dr. Anna Cabeca Energy Guest Experts happiness Hormonal Imbalance Hormonal Imbalance in Women hormones Orgasm oxytocin stress Stress Management Take back your mojo Uncategorized Women's Health | 0 comments

Do you feel stressed, tired, lonely and disconnected from your relationships with others and even yourself? Do you prefer to stay home than socialize? Have you walked by people you know and didn’t say hi, not because they annoy you but because you didn’t want to interact? Are you missing...

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Make Exercise Your Meditation Too!

Blog Chi Gong dantien Energy exercise great workout Guest Experts health benefits of exercise health benefits of walking meditation Pilates tai chi Taoist tradition walking walking for fitness Women's Health yoga | 0 comments

Meditate or exercise, why choose? Movement as a vehicle for deeper self-awareness has been a long-standing practice in many traditions such as Yoga, T’ai Chi, and Chi Gong. You can take the same principles of mindful movement into any workout. Exercise can become the way you deepen your sense of self,...

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Food Sensitivities: The Hidden Dangers That No One is Talking About

anxiety Blog bone disease bone mineral density calcium checkup calcium deficiency symptoms calcium deficit calcium depletion calcium loss calcium starvation calcium supplement dr kim millman Energy Food food sensitivities growing old Guest Experts immunity menopause mineral deficiencies mineral mal-absorption and inflammation mood muscle cramps muscles osteoporosis post-menopausal women risk for osteoporosis weak immune systems Women's Health | 0 comments

How do food sensitivities affect a person's calcium absorption rate? Today, guest expert Kim Millman shares a Calcium CheckUp tool that can help with your diet, meeting your calcium needs, and feeling and looking your very best. I didn’t think that happened until I got old! my patient said with...

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Motherhood: How Breastfeeding and Weaning Affect Your Emotions

anxiety birthing Blog breastfeeding depression Dr Sara Gottfried Guest Experts hormones irritability mood stability mother journey nursing infant oxytocin postpartum depression Pregnancy prolactin Sleep Stress Management stress response weaning Women's Health | 0 comments

When I was asked to share an article with Dr. Sara’s community I immediately knew what I wanted to talk about. When I think of hormones, I think about the hormonal jungle I had to navigate as I made my way through pregnancy, birthing, breastfeeding and weaning. Looking back, what made...

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How to Manage PMS: The Key to Your Feminine Power

Blog Boost Energy Levels Naturally causes of PMS exercise feminine power Guest Experts health and happiness how to manage stress Meditate meditation menopause menstruation monthly cycles PMS premenstrual syndrome reduce stress sara avant stover Stress Management Women's Health yoga | 0 comments

What can you do to help relieve PMS symptoms? The swollen breasts and bellies. Tears. Raging words erupting from tight throats—the ones we wish we could take back, but can’t. Ugh, PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome)! In today's article, Sara Avant Stover shares a fresh perspective and approach to managing your "cycle."...

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