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Speak the Correct Love Language for Your Valentine: From Words of Affirmation to Burritos

balance hormones Blog love love language Low Sex Drive in Women Sex Drive valentine's day valentines | 0 comments

Do any of these sound familiar? I’m too maxed out to give the attention to my marriage that it deserves. I get my buttons pushed by my spouse more often than I’d like. I’m sometimes stressed by my relationship, like my partner is not psychologically nurturing. I feel like I’m...

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Want to Lose Weight? Evaluate Your Hormones

Best Ways to Lose Weight Blog cortisol decreased sex drive diet and exercise Dr Sara Gottfried estrogen Exercise Hormonal Imbalance hormones how to lose weight lose weight mood swings obesity poor sleep root cause of obesity and weight gain Sex Drive Sleep Sleeping Disorders slow thyroid Thyroid weight gain | 0 comments

Last year, the American Medical Association did something that will change the way we look at diet and exercise forever: they classified obesity as a disease. Whatever you call it, the fact remains that our culture is getting fatter and fatter as the years go by. I’m not saying this...

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How Oysters Rock Your Hormones

Blog Drakes Bay Oyster Company eating oyster Exercise Food health benefits of oyster Hormones kayaking oyster farm Point Reyes National Seashore sex drive testosterone Yoga zinc | 0 comments

I just spent a few days with my older daughter in a remote area near Point Reyes National Seashore – one of our national parks. We hiked each day, attended yoga class (where she did her first handstand!), and learned a ton at Drakes Bay Oyster Company, a fourth-generation oyster...

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How to Be More Effective and Less Stressed in 4 Simple Steps

Blog cortisol crohn's disease Detox Diet diet and exercise Evernote Exercise food tracking solution Guest Experts health crisis hormones libido outsourcing right sleep sex Sex Drive sleep stress Stress Management Testosterone testosterone level virtual assistant | 0 comments

I founded a system of productivity called The Art of Less Doing, but my journey to get there started with a health crisis. About seven years ago I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. I had a pretty severe case, and was put on a lot of medication (all of which...

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7 Strategies to Optimize Your Growth Hormone (and Be Your Best at Any Age)

amazing sex balance hormones benefits of massage better sex Blog Cleanse detox Detox Diet detoxify exercise fat loss growth hormone Hormonal Imbalance hormones increase libido Insomnia insulin libido massage Meditation melatonin sex Sex Drive sleep Sleep Deprivation stress Stress Management Sugar Cravings weight loss | 0 comments

  Download my free Hormone Survival Guide below to get a jump start on optimizing your hormones. “My husband and I had the most amazing sex in years,” Martha began, slightly cautious she was oversharing.   When my facial expressions suggested otherwise, she continued. “I’ve lost weight, but I also...

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What’s in Your Birth Control? The Pros and Cons of Hormonal and Non-Hormonal Methods

birth control birth control pills Blog Breast Cancer contraception contraceptives Estrogen hormone-based birth control hormones Libido Sex Drive sexual health weight gain Women's Health | 0 comments

When it comes to birth control, I think we can all agree on at least one thing: We’ve come a long way.   These days, a visit to your gynecologist can leave you feeling empowered, in control and confident about your sexual health. Take your pick of the pill, the...

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Stuck at the Corner of Fat and Unhappy? The Intersection of Dating & Hormones (+ 3 Ways to Solve Your Dating Dilemmas)

blind date Blog Boost Energy Levels Naturally cortisol dating Decadent self-care Embrace the femme Energy Estrogen frumpy hair Hormonal Imbalance in Women in the mood Libido Low Sex Drive in Women marni battista Meditation metabolism relationships sex sex drive skin stress Stress Management thyroid Thyroid Problems Weight Loss Yoga | 0 comments

All the single ladies (all the single ladies) All the single ladies, now put your hands up - Beyonce, Put a Ring On It Is your hand in the air right now? Does the thought of dressing up, meeting someone new, and making sparkling conversation sound next to impossible? If...

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Natural Health Magazine: Interview on Low Libido

adrenal dysregulation adrenal fatigue Blog Boost Energy Levels Naturally libido low libido Natural Health magazine Sex Drive | 0 comments

Thrilled to be interviewed in Natural Health, published in the April/May 2011 issue. Most of what I said about hormones and how they modulate libido got cut. My main point that libido is extremely complex (and that 70% of the time there's a hormonal component) but that there are many...

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Detox, Gottfried-Style - Join Us!

Blog caffeine Cleanse Detox Diet detoxification Eat Estrogen estrogen dominance Food and Detox Hormones liver Menopause Sex Drive Sugar Sugar Cravings Symptoms of Menopause Women's Health | 0 comments

  We started our webinar cleanse last Thursday, but you can join us at any time up to March 30, 2011 right here. It’s never too late to detox. We are tasked with clearing out gluten, dairy, caffeine, sugar and alcohol over the first seven days as part of the...

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Meet Your Hormones

bioidentical hormones Blog California Bioidentical Hormones cortisol estrogen Hormones libido Louanne Brizendine oxytocin Sex Drive testosterone thyroid Thyroid Problems Women's Health | 0 comments

  Today Imma be yackin' online about hormones and how they shift when cleansing, and why.  Was thinking I need a li'l reference guide to each hormone: who they be and what they do. So...I'm a scholar, seeker, yoga teacher and a doctor. It's serious, sacred stuff. But. Imma be honest. I frequently quote...

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