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GMOs: Guilty until Proven Innocent (Plus 5 Ways to Reduce Damage to Your Gut and Brain)

autism bacteria Blog Boost Energy Levels Naturally fertility food GE genetically modified GM GMO GMO's gut flora Hormonal Imbalance in Women microbiome monsanto organic round up Take back your mojo whole foods | 0 comments

Is it safe to eat genetically modified foods? What about if you eat the meat of an animal raised on genetically-modified food? At this point, the scientific community is still gathering data but my hunch is that GMs are not good for your body, and we need to apply the...

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Injured? Stressed Out? Try Yin Yoga

angela lang baddha konasana Blog Decadent self-care Dr Sara Gottfried Exercise Meditation Sarah Powers Stress Management Take back your mojo tao of breathing taoism taoist yoga Women's Health yin and yang yin yoga yoga yoga postures | 0 comments

I'm devoting this entire article to the joys of yoga. "Why?" you ask (as if you didn't know that I'm a dedicated yoga teacher as well as a physician). There's no better way to have more resilience, flexibility and healing power than with a yoga program. And besides, I believe in...

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Why Do I Feel Disconnected? The Cortisol-Oxytocin Connection

antisocial Blog Boost Energy Levels Naturally cortisol depression Dr. Anna Cabeca Energy Guest Experts happiness Hormonal Imbalance Hormonal Imbalance in Women hormones Orgasm oxytocin stress Stress Management Take back your mojo Uncategorized Women's Health | 0 comments

Do you feel stressed, tired, lonely and disconnected from your relationships with others and even yourself? Do you prefer to stay home than socialize? Have you walked by people you know and didn’t say hi, not because they annoy you but because you didn’t want to interact? Are you missing...

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I Hate Exercise, but It Loves Me (Dr. Sara's 5 Tips for Biohacking Exercise When You'd Rather Do Anything Else)

biohacking exercise Blog Boost Energy Levels Naturally Decadent self-care Eat epigenomics exercise exercise is better than antidepressant Fire away FitBit Gretchen Rubin growth hormone hawthorne effect hormonal veil hormones integrative medicine longevity matrix paxil pharmacopeia running serotonin Take back your mojo telomeres The Hormone Cure Women's Health | 0 comments

There, I admit it. It's time to get brutally honest. After all, I'm in my forties, perimenopausal, and the best part about it is the newfound clarity, the lift of the hormonal veil--regarding the endless accommodation, the people-pleasing, the half-hearted enthusiasm for things you don't really enjoy but you do them anyway. Such...

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Thyroid Math: What Those Numbers Mean (and What Your Doc Probably Forgot to Tell You About Hypothyroidism)

armour thyroid Blog Dr Sara Gottfried Hormonal Imbalance in Women Hormones hypothyroidism Hypothyroidism Symptoms Low Sex Drive in Women Mary Shomon Oakland Bioidentical Hormones serum TSH euthyroid Stop the Thyroid Madness T1 T2 T3 T4 Take back your mojo thyroid Thyroid Function thyroid hormone Thyroid Problems TSH Women's Health | 0 comments

  Download my free Hormone Survival Guide below to get a jump start on improving your thyroid health. You may have low thyroid function, also called HYPO-thyroidism, and not know it. But let's face it... thyroid numbers are often counterintuitive and confusing. When you combine hypothyroidism with the common low-thyroid symptom...

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How I Fixed My Exercise, Got Lean, and Rocked My Growth Hormone (IGF-1)

Blog Boost Energy Levels Naturally Decadent self-care Embrace the femme Everyday mystic Fire away growth hormone Hormonal Imbalance in Women Take back your mojo | 0 comments

First the bold news: I hacked my growth hormone with exercise and raised it 53%. But allow me to back up so we can put this in context. What Is Growth Hormone? Growth hormone is a misunderstood stress hormone that raises the level of glucose in your blood, and stimulates...

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Detox Genes: Personalize Your Liver Detoxification

Blog genetic testing liver Take back your mojo | 0 comments

You've read my treatise on the liver, or not, and you're wondering how to make it more relevant to you and what you're known for. You know already that I'm a lover of the 4 "P's" in my medical practice: make it personal, make it predictive of your health, make...

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The Real Truth About Sugar (The Good, The Bad, The Substitutes) – And How To Break Out Of The Cravings Cycle Once And For All

Blog Blood Sugar Cleanse Dark Chocolate Eat Food and Detox Fruit JJ Virgin Sugar sugar addiction Sugar Cravings Take back your mojo Weight Loss Women's Health | 0 comments

 By JJ Virgin A Note from Dr. Sara… If you have a sticky relationship with sugar (no pun intended), now is the time to take action and take back control over your health, hormones and happiness. In today’s article, my good friend JJ Virgin reveals the real truth about sugar...

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Dr. Sara’s Book Club #4: EatQ by Susan Albers, PhD

Blog book diet dr albers dr sara's book club Eat eating eatq Embrace the femme food hormones susan albers Take back your mojo weight loss | 0 comments

Do you love diet books? Read them for fun? I understand that most people just want to find ONE weight loss program that works and call it a day. But when it comes to our relationship with food, I find the wide variety of approaches absolutely fascinating. I love to...

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Thyroid Questionnaire

Adrenal Fatigue Blog Hormones Hotze hypothryoid Hypothyroidism Symptoms Natural Insomnia Remedies Take back your mojo Thyroid Thyroid Problems thyroid questionnaire thyroid trackers Women's Health | 0 comments

I love this questionnaire from Dr. Hotze, another integrative physician. It gets to the heart of whether you should be tested for thyroid dysregulation, even if your conventional doc has dismissed your concerns. I also like to use these questions to build a tracker for how you improve with different...

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Dr. Sara’s Book Club #3: Hardwiring Happiness: The Hidden Power of Everyday Experiences

Blog brain calm confidence contentment dr sara Dr. Sara's Book Club Everyday mystic happiness hardwiring happiness health hormones negativity neuroscience rick hanson science Take back your mojo | 0 comments

I wanted to let you know about a new book that I think you’ll like.... Because I LOVE it. It’s called Hardwiring Happiness: The New Brain Science of Contentment, Calm, and Confidence. It’s written by my colleague -- neuropsychologist and bestselling author Rick Hanson, Ph.D. -- and it lays out...

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Mental Vitamin: Sewing | Knitting | Cooking

Blog Catherine Newman cooking Eat Kelly Lambert knitting Meditation neuroscience sewing Stress Management Take back your mojo | 0 comments

Love this idea from neuroscientist Kelly Lambert, PhD's book on depression, about choosing alternatives to the conventional quick-fix of changing your neurotransmitter mix with a prescription for Lexapro, Prozac or Wellbutryn or some new pill.   “Lambert shows how when you knit a sweater or plant a garden, when you...

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