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Your Top Questions, Answered: Hashimoto's AutoImmune Thyroiditis

Hashimoto hormones thryoid Thyroid Problems Uncategorized | 0 comments

If you follow my work, you already know that your hormones are constantly performing a delicate dance inside your body. Interrupt this dance, and your weight, your mood, and your health can go haywire – fast. Hashimoto’s disease deserves a spot in the conversation about hormone balance, as it’s one...

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Ditch the Dairy

Blog casomorphins dairy Food and Detox Hormonal Imbalance Hormones Inflammation milk Thyroid Thyroid Problems | 0 comments

There's a monster in your milk that could set off a chain reactions of inflammation, hormone issues, and dietary malfunction in your body. [1] Are you bothered by any of these health issues? Bloating Constipation Acne Dry skin Heartburn Food cravings Inflammation If so, diary may be the culprit. I...

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Thyroid Math: What Those Numbers Mean (and What Your Doc Probably Forgot to Tell You About Hypothyroidism)

armour thyroid Blog Dr Sara Gottfried Hormonal Imbalance in Women Hormones hypothyroidism Hypothyroidism Symptoms Low Sex Drive in Women Mary Shomon Oakland Bioidentical Hormones serum TSH euthyroid Stop the Thyroid Madness T1 T2 T3 T4 Take back your mojo thyroid Thyroid Function thyroid hormone Thyroid Problems TSH Women's Health | 0 comments

  Download my free Hormone Survival Guide below to get a jump start on improving your thyroid health. You may have low thyroid function, also called HYPO-thyroidism, and not know it. But let's face it... thyroid numbers are often counterintuitive and confusing. When you combine hypothyroidism with the common low-thyroid symptom...

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Thyroid Questionnaire

Adrenal Fatigue Blog Hormones Hotze hypothryoid Hypothyroidism Symptoms Natural Insomnia Remedies Take back your mojo Thyroid Thyroid Problems thyroid questionnaire thyroid trackers Women's Health | 0 comments

I love this questionnaire from Dr. Hotze, another integrative physician. It gets to the heart of whether you should be tested for thyroid dysregulation, even if your conventional doc has dismissed your concerns. I also like to use these questions to build a tracker for how you improve with different...

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Notes on an Organic Life, Week 2

Blog DDT Hormones Lululemon organic cotton organic gynecologist Organic self-experiment Thyroid Thyroid Problems | 0 comments

I'm 2 weeks into my organic experiment of wearing, eating and schmearing only organic. Frankly it's been difficult: cold, my options are rather limited and it's been expensive. Yet I love it. Let's start with cold. I bought organic wool yarn from a sweet sheep farm in Petaluma last October....

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Madonna My Thyroid, Please

autoimmune thyroiditis Blog Embrace the femme Everyday mystic Exercise Food and Detox hypothyroid Hypothyroidism Symptoms Madonna Oprah Sugar Addiction Sugar Cravings Thyroid Thyroid Problems Weight Loss Women's Health | 0 comments

One comment personal trainers hear daily from overweight, middle-aged women is: "I want Madonna arms." It makes them want to shoot themselves. Actually, um, I want Madonna arms. While she is controversial, chameleonic and doesn’t always comment wisely on her art, she is arguably looking might fine for her age....

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Sake Bombs or Kale? Vacation Review

adrenal burn-out Adrenal Fatigue Blog bolinas Cleanse cortisol Energy Food and Detox Hypothyroidism Symptoms Meditation Organic self-experiment skiing stress Stress Management Sugar Addiction Sugar Cravings Tahoe Thyroid Thyroid Problems vacation Weight Loss Yoga | 0 comments

At the risk of sounding insufferable, I have to share some thoughts on two side-by-side vacations.   Let me preface our discussion with two disclosures:  I have adrenal dysregulation and two young kids. While I'm in adrenal "recovery," as many of you know who are on this path with me...

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Stuck at the Corner of Fat and Unhappy? The Intersection of Dating & Hormones (+ 3 Ways to Solve Your Dating Dilemmas)

blind date Blog Boost Energy Levels Naturally cortisol dating Decadent self-care Embrace the femme Energy Estrogen frumpy hair Hormonal Imbalance in Women in the mood Libido Low Sex Drive in Women marni battista Meditation metabolism relationships sex sex drive skin stress Stress Management thyroid Thyroid Problems Weight Loss Yoga | 0 comments

All the single ladies (all the single ladies) All the single ladies, now put your hands up - Beyonce, Put a Ring On It Is your hand in the air right now? Does the thought of dressing up, meeting someone new, and making sparkling conversation sound next to impossible? If...

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What If... Breast Cancer? Dr. Sara's Top 10 List of How to Reduce Your Risk

2/16 ratio Adrenal Fatigue Blog breast cancer breast cancer prevention Crazy Sexy Diet Decadent self-care Estrogen estrogen metabolism Food and Detox Helayne Waldman Hormones iodine Kris Carr Sugar Cravings Symptoms of Breast Cancer Thyroid Thyroid Problems | 0 comments

With every mammogram I get, I think about what I would do if diagnosed with breast cancer. First, I'd wig. Then I'd get all empowered and put on my big girl face, and get down to business. It's timely to chat about this because the National Cancer Institute just announced...

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Radiation in Cali: Not Normal, Not Dangerous But Are Physiologic Doses of Iodine Warranted?

Blog Decadent self-care Hormones iodide iodine Japan thyroid Thyroid Problems | 0 comments

We know that 45% of survivors from the last nuclear blast in Japan had thyroid problems. I posted one week ago that potentially massive amounts of radiation could come our way on the US Left Coast if Japan's reactors had a meltdown, and we're still unsure if that may happen....

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Coffee Hijacks Thyroid Levels

Blog Boost Energy Levels Naturally caffeine coffee Detox Diet Eat Food and Detox low thyroid T4 thryoid levels Thyroid Thyroid Problems | 0 comments

Do you take thyroid medication? Judging from my integrative medicine practice, I believe we have an epidemic of underfunctioning thyroid on our hands. Most national organizations of endocrinologists have issued guidelines for thyroid levels that if you have symptoms of low thyroid function, a TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) < 2.5...

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Meet Your Hormones

bioidentical hormones Blog California Bioidentical Hormones cortisol estrogen Hormones libido Louanne Brizendine oxytocin Sex Drive testosterone thyroid Thyroid Problems Women's Health | 0 comments

  Today Imma be yackin' online about hormones and how they shift when cleansing, and why.  Was thinking I need a li'l reference guide to each hormone: who they be and what they do. So...I'm a scholar, seeker, yoga teacher and a doctor. It's serious, sacred stuff. But. Imma be honest. I frequently quote...

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