Easy Meal Replacement & Healthy Snack

Make healthy snacking easy! 6 grams of dietary fiber keeps you feeling satisfied and helps protect your gut health, 10g of plant protein keeps you strong and fueled for your day... all in one delicious bar!

Delicious & Nutritious

Passes the taste test... big time! Enjoy decadent dark chocolate flavor without all the sugar.  A non-inflammatory, sustainable energy bar to build and maintain your body from all organic ingredients.


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Power Bars are the best!I love the new power bars. They are delicious, filling and I trust the quality! I always have them around when I travel and find myself having to skip a meal. Thank you!
...Donna L. - Verified Buyer

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Super Power Bar Great taste! Low carbs, lots of fiber and only 2g of sugar! The best snack you can ever dream of!

...Thelsa B. - Verified Buyer

 Super Power Bars---> Ordered 10 more boxes...!!! =DLove Dr. Sara's SuperPower Bars...! Plenty of clean Protein, Fiber AND Flavor...! Even my Husband likes them...! GREAT On-The-GO...!!! Thanks & Blessings to You & ALL Yours! (oD
....JC S. - Verified Buyer

Love 'em!
First time ordering these bars, and OMG!! MY FAV!!!! and they do really tide you over and sustainable.
...Kristin C. - Verified Buyer

Nutrients You Need

Each bar has 10 grams of plant based protein, 6 grams of dietary fiber and only 2g of sugar.

Easy & Fast

Perfect for meal replacement, mid-morning snack, pre-workout boost, afternoon slump pick-me-up, or in kid's lunches and snacks. 

Clean Fuel for Your Body

Clean fuel for your body - hit your health goals & enjoy yourself along the way with the treat-like taste of dark chocolate.

Love Dark Chocolate?

Decadent Dark Chocolate satisfies tastes buds with soft, chewy, melt in your mouth goodness. Every bit is full of yum!

Our Happiness Guarantee

We’re so excited for you to try our bars, that we'll happily refund your money back if you don't love them. 

Order now with complete confidence and if it’s not for you, just contact our customer service within 60 days and we'll gladly make it right or refund your money.

What our customer say about this product


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Reminds Me Of Brownies: I was one of the first to receive these bars. They are decadent and I enjoy them very much. I am on a very strict diet, due to health issues, and these bars are allowing me to have a treat, every few days. I add almond butter to the top, which makes them even more enjoyable. 

I highly recommend these bars, during the holiday season, When everyone is enjoying forbidden food, you can indulge in these and be totally satisfied. It is very difficult to maintain your healthy eating protocol during this time, and these bars do satisfy your sweet cravings. 
...Gary D. - Verified Buyer

 Home Run --->I have been enjoying the original bars for several years so I was excited to try the new flavors. I ordered the combo pack and then new PB flavor is my favorite! So tasty.
....Jen. - Verified Buyer

Our Crazy Happiness Guarantee

Love Your Dark Chocolate Bars Or We'll Give You Double Your Money Back!

We take all the risk out of trying these bars by offering an unmatched satisfaction guarantee. 

If you don't love your tasty Dark Chocolate bars, contact our customer service team within 60 days and we'll make it right!

 No hassle, no questions, and no annoying hoops to jump through, just us going over the top to take care of you.


More Questions? We’ve Got Answers

How Much Should I Order?

Each box of our Organic Super Bars provides you with 8 Servings of individually wrapped bars. A single serving is one 50g bar. Out of the people that have bought Super Power Bars in the past, 73% choose to save by ordering 2 or 3 boxes because they love the bars and love to save money.

  • 73% of past customers go with the 2 or 3 box bundles to have enough for a couple of months or to share with their family. If you want a spouse or kids to have some too then definitely consider multiple boxes.
  • These sale prices are limited-time promotions, so "get it while the getting's good" before the sale ends.
  • These are the guaranteed lowest prices you'll find anywhere on our Reset360 products and are significantly cheaper than Amazon.

Are these Organic, Kosher and NON GMO

Yes, it is USDA Certified Organic, Kosher Certified and does not contain GMO ingredients. Plus, there’s one more benefit: 

Many companies choose to ignore these warnings. For us, it’s part of the Reset360 Standard. We follow a strict testing protocol to ensure the highest standard of food safety.

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Do these contain Gluten

Absolutely not in fact we certify all of our bars to be completely gluten free.  It is a standard with Reset360 and something we believe in bringing you healthy gluten free delicious chocolate bars.

What is Solar Powered Certification
Here at Reset360 we want to bring you the best possible products with clean living ingredients in the most sustainable way possible.  By using Solar we are able to use less energy in manufacturing the protein bars. 
Do you have guarantee?

Yes, we'll give you double your money back within the first  60 days if you're not totally happy. Just contact our support team and they will do everything they can to make it right for you.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product.