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If you've read Dr. Sara's most recent New York Times bestselling book, Younger  you know how important it is to know your telomere length.  It was by testing her telomere length that she discovered she was aging 20 years faster than her chronological years, and because those telomeres needed rescuing, she developed the Aging Reset program to fix them.

If your body is aging fast, there are several telltale signs:

  • The scale creeps up every year
  • You are foggy after sharing a bottle of wine with someone
  • Your frown lines no longer disappear when you smile
  • You spend more time than you used to looking for your keys
  • The discs between your vertebrae shrink, and you may develop low back pain and stiffness
  • Even worse, you may be facing a diagnosis of disease

The extent of these changes are actually measurable in your blood by way of a test for telomere length, which you can take with Teloyears.

Get your genetic test for telomere length now, and see how fast you're REALLY aging. 


TeloYears Genetic Test

from: Telomere Diagnostics

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